A grand adventure!

     The us in “About Us” is the us in the picture, me, the woman, also known as Kiki and my husband, the man, also known as Don.  We’ve shared a last name, Teague, for over 26 years and together have raised two wonderful daughters, numerous dogs, horses and chickens, and had lots of adventures.

     Even though I’ve, that’s me, Kiki, owned horses for over 20 years, driven pickup trucks most of my adult life and owned more boots than heels, I’ve never lived in the country.  We’ve owned land, but I’ve never been further than 5 minutes from a Starbucks or McDonalds.  So when we found this patch of 70 acres near Round Top, Texas in January of 2014 I knew two things; 1) I had to have it and 2) a new adventure had begun.

     People who open B&B’s say, “I’ve wanted one my whole life.  This is a dream for me.”  Not me. Nope.  Now, my husband has talked about owning one since we met way back in 1987, for you young folks that is before both cell phones and the internet.  I know. How did we live?  Anyway, for us to live the glamourous country life Don used to work in Houston. So that left me, a writer, former horse trainer and actor and mom, running our B&B and Rustic Event Center in the country.  Have I lowered your expectations?  Are you still interested in visiting us?

     Don’t worry, I’ve figured something out.  I wasn’t the one with the original dream but I’m totally on board now.  I found out that owning a B&B or hosting a wedding is not about being perfect, it’s about caring.  When you come to Night Bird Ranch I want you to feel welcome, I want to share the beauty of this land with you and, If you like, spend some time sipping wine as the sunsets and telling stories or gather around the campfire and share S’mores.  I really, really like that part, getting to know our guests, making new friends, laughing and sharing one of the most amazing places I’ve ever lived.

     We’re not the fanciest place, heck, by the time you get down our dirt road your pretty, city car is already baptized in dust or mud, but we’re fun, we love adventure and we genuinely care about each person we meet.  We look forward to seeing you and showing you why…

The Adventure Begins Where the Blacktop Ends!

Our Name &

What it Means

Many years ago Don's dad and I were having tea on the porch one evening when he said, "You know, if I ever own a ranch here in Texas I'll call it Night Bird Ranch." 


I really liked that name and it stuck with me all these years through many moves and life changes and even my father-in-law's death in 2008.  So when we found this land in January of 2014 I knew what I wanted to call it and I knew why.  


First I wanted to honor Don Henry Teague's (Don's dad) memory and his dreams of Texas and second I felt the name had a special meaning.  


The night bird is the only bird that sings in the dark and we feel as believers in Jesus that we are to be a light in a dark place and a voice of hope in the dark of night.

                                                                      -Kiki Teague

Rustic Charm With a Texas Kick!

Kiki Teague  HappyEverAfter@NightBirdRanch.com   972-689-0386
In Ledbetter Near Round Top, Texas
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